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Prize Draw - Terms & Conditions: Raffle tickets are only appliable to orders purchased between 1st - 30th Sept 2013. Prize draw entries are only

applicable for purchases made directly through this webstore (not Amazon listings). Prizes cannot be exchanged (by us) for store items or for cash.

Raffle tickets stubs will be attached to your receipt included with your item/s. 1st Prize is UKGJJ Pearl Weave (size options A1-A4) free also shipping included, 2nd Prize is x20 portion box of Acai to be delivered with free shipping (between 7:30am - 5:30pm). Prize draw tickets are only based on ITEM values and do not include postage.x1 Raffle ticket is granted every £5 spent. Example: £20 worth of items would get you x4 Raffle tickets, where as £19.99 would only get you x3 Raffle tickets etc. Prize draw is only applicable

applicable to UK residents for purchases made in and sent to UK addresses. Tickets not valid against refunded items